About Us

99Keys is an all-in-one platform for finding and booking luxury spaces. 


Are you a property owner looking to lease your space or a frequent traveler looking for a home-away-from-home experience? The99Keys has something that suits your needs. More leasing options coming soon. 




To make rented spaces more visible, accessible, and enjoyable. 





We are committed to transforming how people find and book all kinds of rented spaces. 


Customer Centric

At the heart of everything we do is a dedication to excellence,  quality service delivery, and transparency. 



Search. Immerse. Discover.  In using 99keys to find and list your perfect home away from home, you get to go on an adventure with us. We feature places that are ideal for your next trip and allow you to discover them at your pace – whether it's checking a destination off your bucket list or finding a cozy spot near you for the weekend.



As a customer-centric organization, our philosophy is simple: create positive experiences that leave lasting memories.